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Manufacturing Engineer

Job Description

  • Perform engineering assignments that involve equipment and process design, testing of materials, preparation of specifications, process studies, or research investigations directed toward the manufacture of reference/calibration standards, standard and custom angle beam wedges, UT equipment cables and weld measuring gauges for NDT and welding industries
  • Direct the production planning process including design, profitability, field survey and marketability of equipment and parts for our clients in the safety and welding industry
  • Supervise the acquisition of manufacturing process equipment to ensure compliance with the company’s standards
  • Oversee planning and supervision of equipment installation and starup
  • Responsible for hiring, evaluating, promoting and firing personeel with the manufacturing department
  • Oversee the purchase process of raw material and tooling manufacturing process; 2D and 3D schematics design, assembly and drawing in accordance with ASTM, AWS, ASME standards
  • Develop organization methods for incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products
  • Supervise the creation of electronics schematics and electronic prints for manufacturing printed circuit boards using OrCad software tool suite
  • Direct technicians in the use of MPLAB X IDE software in order to develop applications for Microship microcontrollers and digital signal controllers

Job Requirements

BS in Computer, Industrial, Electronics or Electrical Engineering plus two years of exp. in Manufacturing, Technical Sales, Sales Engineer or related including ASTM, AWS, AND ASME STANDARDS. Must be proficient in Cadence Orcad, MPLAB X, Autodesk Autocad and Autodesk Inventor.

Job Location

12601 NW 115 Ave, Unit 114, Medley, FL, 33178

How to Apply

Send resume to Oswaldo Machado/Re: ME, High Tech Supplies, Inc 12601 NW 115 Ave, Unit 114, Medley, FL, 33178